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Baseline Study on Business Membership Organizations in Tourism and Food-Processing Sectors

Riinvest Institute is engaged in developing a baseline assessment at sector organization level in Tourism and Food-Processing (fruits and vegetables and non-wood forest products) sectors in which Promoting Private Sector Employment Program (PPSE) is active. The main purpose of this survey is to look at the potential of Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) in strengthening the growth of the sectors and the support they offer to their members in this respect and their effect in influencing enabling policies and regulations.


Open Governance Advocacy Project - PASOS

This was a two-year EU-funded regional project led by PASOS network. The overall objective of the project was to encourage the government of Kosovo and governments of other regional countries to become more transparent, accountable, innovative, technological friendly as well as to encourage the involvement of citizens in policy and decision making processes. The role of Riinvest Institute in this project was to advocate for the open government policies through research papers, policy briefs, conferences, CSO coalitions, and webinars covering Open Government related topics. Also, the Institute monitored the national action plan and assessed the level of its implementation in respective institutions. Moreover, throughout the two years of the project, Riinvest has extensively advocated for open governance on different media channels such as, newspapers, TVs, and radios. 


Support to Municipalities on developing Municipal Socio-Economic Development Plans

The overarching aim of the project supported by USAID and CDF, is to contribute towards the improvement of policy development in four municipalities in Kosovo, namely Gjilan, Sterpce, Obiliq and Gracanica. Specifically, the project aims to advance the knowledge of local officials by providing technical support in drafting and developing Local Socio-Economic Development Plans. In addition, the project seeks to increase the efficiency of local governments in responding to the needs of citizens as well as to further improve communication between Kosovo Albanian and non-majority communities. 


Southeast European Leadership for Development and Integrity - SELDI

The aim of this project is to: build an anti-corruption and good governance coalition of Civil Society Organization (CSOs) in Southeastern Europe (SEE), to enhance CSOs capacity, knowledge and commitment to provide analysis, monitoring and advocacy, to promote the state-civil society dialogue and improve the environment for civil activism, to contribute to an enhanced cross-country public/civic support and participation for good governance and anti-corruption, To help the CSOs to improve their legitimacy, transparency and accountability. The role of Riinvest in this project was to research the issue of corruption in Kosovo. The Corruption Assessment Report (CAR) had 6 chapters of secondary research on: II. Anticorruption Policies and Regulatory Environment, III. Institutional Practice and Enforcement of the Law, IV. The Judiciary in Anti-Corruption, V. Corruption and the Economy, VI. Civil Society in Anti-Corruption, VII. International Cooperation. The most important part of the Report was Chapter I on Corruption Level studied through a survey with 1,000 respondents. Riinvest also participated in all meetings and conferences of the Initiative. Riinvest submitted various policy briefs on different issues related to Corruption in Kosovo. The second phase of the project will focus on corruption issues related to energy governance and rule of law.


Transformative Leadership Program – Citizen Corps (TLP-CCP)

TLP-CCP is a project supported by USAID and in partnership with Leadership and Growth Council. This project aims to secure volunteer placements for 185 TLP graduates in different organizations and institutions in Kosovo. The purpose of this project is to conduct a comprehensive market environment screening and create a volunteering system where these students after their return from their studies in the US will have the opportunity to give back to their community and act as agents of positive change across public, private and civil society sectors.

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