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Gender perspective for Youth Development, Gender Norms and Human Security in Kosovo

This project aims to empower youth as drivers of gender equality, development and positive peace through consolidating and supporting youth-led innovative and transformational development responses to the impact of gender norms and stereotypes, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this study (survey and focus groups) is to map the challenges posed by gender norms and stereotypes on youth from the perspective of human security, gender equality and socio-economic development. This research will map the insights of young people in Kosovo, aged between 15 and 29, through a youth-led, inclusive investigation of their perspectives, outside the normal framing of previous youth studies/surveys. For the purpose of this study, Riinvest will be conducted a survey with 1065 respondents in all the municipalities in Kosovo, will be organizing seven focus groups, and will produce an analytic research report.


Assessment on digital agriculture, gender and youth in rural Kosovo

The main objective of this project has been to produce an assessment of digital agriculture, gender perspective, unpaid work and youth in rural and urban areas across Kosovo. For the purpose of this project, Riinvest has conducted a survey in 38 municipalities throughout Kosovo, including non-majority communities. The survey has been in two-part; Part I has involved an “assessment on digital agriculture, gender and youth in rural Kosovo” This has involved a random sample of 800 rural households throughout all of Kosovo and Part II has involved a survey on “the unpaid work and gender”, which has included overlapping questions with Part I on digitalization and informal economy, this has involved a random sample of 800 non-rural (urban) households.


Support the implementation of the National Agenda for Women's Empowerment through advocacy efforts


Kosovo’s Digital Readiness Assessment: Citizens’ Survey

The overall objective of the survey is to provide multiple stakeholders with timely data and information on digital readiness, digitalization, and digital transformation at the municipal level, while serving as an essential analytical tool for designing the Digital Agenda strategy and policy. More importantly, the survey results will provide detailed disaggregated data for policy recommendations, which in turn can contribute to developing Kosovo’s digital agenda and strategy. The main survey related activities include: (i) a large-scale survey with 4, 200 respondents in seven regions in Kosovo, (ii) seven (7) regional reports in English, Albanian and Serbian, and (iii) presentation of the survey findings.


Increasing competitive capacities through the digitalization of business processes in Kosovo

The main objective of this project consist of: (i) Improving information of relevant stakeholders about ICT resources at the disposal of the private sector and their use for the benefit of building competitive capacities at key business export sectors in Kosovo; (ii) Increasing the awareness about the gaps and potentials in using ICT solutions for the digitalization of business processes and transactions; (iii) Proposing recommendations for policy and other interventions by relevant stakeholders to advance the level of ICT use and digitalization in business processes in Kosovo.

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