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Project title: Private sector integrity: supply side of corruption

Project objective: The overall objective is to raise awareness and mobilize key actors within the business community in Kosovo in developing ethical principles and raise integrity of the private sector to reduce corruption and bribing i.e., tackling the supply side of corruption. The project will identify business and business leaders' attitudes regarding this issue, update the anti-corruption code and build coalition to implement it under coordination of a Steering Committee. Secretariats of Steering Committee will be established in all participating business associations to enable the rotation of secretariats among the member business associations every six months. Also, it will identify legislation gaps and propose recommendations to respective institutions to address them.

Specific objectives:

1. The business community has raised awareness of the importance of increasing their integrity (through better corporate governance structures; better protection of whistle-blowers; increased readiness to engage in anti-bribery activities);

2. Key business associations and business community leaders have accepted and signed the updated Anti-Corruption Code and are willing to implement its provisions against the unethical behavior of their members;

3. Business associations have developed systematic approaches in following the implementation of business ethics and anti-corruption legal framework and their Anti-Corruption Code.

4. Key Business associations have established their secretariat to coordinate the Steering Committee on a rotation basis.

Targeted beneficiaries: Business Associations; Private sector; Procurement Agency; Governmental Institutions; Civil society organizations (CSO)

Main activities:

1. Conduct a baseline study on businesses' internal integrity

2. Launch awareness campaigns targeting the business community, emphasizing the importance of integrity and ethical practices

3. Signing the Anti-Corruption Code by businesses community

4. Establishment of a Steering Committee

5. Provide training and support to business associations

Desired results:

1. Improving the integrity of public and private sector actors in public procurement

2. The establishment of the Steering Committee as a mechanism for ongoing accountability and collaboration among business associations

3. Reduced corruption and enhanced integrity of the private sector through the Anti-corruption Code by key business associations

4. To foster a culture of ethical business conduct, accountability, and collaboration

Impact of the project: The project's impact is far-reaching, going beyond its initial goals by raising awareness and promoting integrity within the private sector. By signing the Business Anti-corruption Code, the project unifies businesses against unethical practices and establishes a strong framework for upholding high standards of integrity. This results in reduced corruption and improved integrity in Kosovo, bolstering its international reputation and paving the way for a more transparent and ethical business environment which creates an attractive investment climate for potential investors.

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