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The launch of the Data Dissemination Platform and Mobile App

As an active supporter of the knowledge based development and governance based on open data, we are launching our online data platform with the mission of making our data accessible for further uses in research and analysis. The Riinvest Data Dissemination Platform and Mobile Application also comes as a result of our continuous measures to digitalize our means of communication with the our audience, and thus enable them to reach us in a more convenient way.

The electronic Data Dissemination Platform provides data gathered by Riinvest’s researchers over a 13 year period, starting from 2000 to 2013. These data have been collected by applying advanced methodologies for social and economic studies covering representative samples of small and medium enterprises operating in Kosovo. The platform contains 72 variables, which cover a wide range of areas related to the development of the private sector such as enterprises’ performance and characteristics, capital investment and business practices, as well as barriers of doing business. Riinvest data bring evidence of the developments in the private sector in Kosovo for a period of time that little record is available for. The Data Dissemination Platform, will be of great use to researchers, journalists, students, and everyone else interested in the country’s private sector performance.

Riinvest Institute is also launching the Riinvest’s mobile application, available for iOS and Android operating systems. Our new app enables users to grasp in a more convenient and quick way all of Riinvest’s content, including news, publications, video materials and other related materials published by the institute. An innovative feature of the Riinvest app is the Riinvest Calculator, which contains 9 calculators that enable users to calculate different daily expenses, as well as a currency exchange calculator.

After the presentation of our platform, the event will be followed by a carefully prepared cocktail and a time for us to engage in networking, discussions and planning.

Your participation in the launching event, will also enable us to promote the platform in the best possible way, as well as receive your comments and input. 


17:30 – 17:35 Opening of the event
Enisa Serhati, researcher, Riinvest Institute
17:35 – 17:55 Presentation of the Data Dissemination Platform
Endrit Pllashniku, researcher, Riinvest Institute
17:55 – 18:10 Presentation of the Mobile App.
Dita Dobranja, researcher, Riinvest Institute
18:10 – 18:35 Cocktail and discussion


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