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CALL FOR PAPERS - 25th Anniversary Conference – Riinvest Institute


25th Anniversary Conference – Riinvest Institute


IN KOSOVO, 15 May 2020, Prishtina



Kosovo is a small developing country in Western Balkans seeking its route towards sustainable development and catching up with other European countries. Currently, Kosovo reaches only about two-thirds of the average GDP per capita of its neighbors and just over one-tenth of the average European GDP per capita. Through its difficult past, it experienced huge disinvestment and deindustrialization during the 90s and a long status quo under the UNMIK administration (1999-2007) until it proclaimed its independence on February 17, 2008.

Kosovo is rich with human resources and has a young population (around 60% of the population below the age of 30). It is also rich with natural resources (coal-lignite, lead, zinc, nickel) but it faces serious difficulties to transform these resources into long term and sustainable development. With a GDP per capita of about 3,650 Euros, an unemployment rate of around 30%, around 20% of the population under the poverty line, a current account deficit of around 8% of GDP (mainly driven by a huge trade deficit), budget revenues reaching around 30% of GDP and investment about 29%, Kosovo is still to enter into the phase of loge term sustainable growth to address the urgent needs of its citizens. The economic growth during the last decade has been only around 4%. An annual growth rate of 7% is required to create space for ameliorating current macroeconomic imbalances, eradicate poverty and reduce unemployment. This situation puts policymakers and other key actors at the Kosovar society under heavy pressure.

The evidence of the experiences of other developing countries and especially former developing economies has shown that good governance and good policies could create an environment in which higher growth and sustainable development could take place.


(1) To explore and present new knowledge and advanced experiences in activating sources of economic growth in an open underdeveloped market economy – with special reference to Kosovo;

(2) To promote research activities in Kosovo related to economic and social development;

(3) To strengthen relationships and partnerships with academic circles and developmental experts throughout Europe, the US and beyond, and with international organizations.

The overall theme of the conference is around Industrial Policies. While other key topics of the conference include:

(1) Development and Institutions

(2) Human Capital, Intellectual Capital and Social Capital

(3) Natural Resources: a Curse or a Blessing

(4) Absorptive Capacities for Investment and Job Creation

(5) EU Integration and Regional Economic Cooperation

(6) Infrastructure and Utilities

(7) Agriculture and Rural Development

(8) High-Value Added Services

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Mbahet konferenca "Korrupsioni nga ana e ofertës"

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Lipjani, Rahoveci, Vitia, Juniku dhe Gjakova, renditen më së miri në IKK

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Mbahet sesioni i dytë i "Debate në Riinvest"

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Mbahet sesioni i parë i "Debate në Riinvest"

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75% e grave në Kosovë mendojnë se nuk ka vende të përshtatshme pune

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Publikohet libri "Ekonomia e Kosovës"

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Indeksi i Konkurrueshmërisë së Komunave

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Lansohet “Njësia matëse e prokurimit publik”

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Riinvest publikon animacionet “Ndërmarrësia e grave” dhe “Gratë në tregun e punës”

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Publikohet "Agjenda Nacionale për Fuqizimin Ekonomik të Grave"

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Lansohet "Indeksi Komunal i Konkurrueshmërisë MCI"

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